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longterm remedial actions, louis vuitton which may actually occur long after the site is listed on the NPL, and which is designed to achieve a permanent state of cleanup.Potentially louis vuitton Responsible Party PRP LiabilityAfter a site is listed in the NPL, EPA identifies potentially responsible parties PRPs and notifies them of their potential CERCLA liability. If the cleanup is conducted by the EPA, the PRPs are responsible for paying their share of the cleanup costs. louis vuitton If the cleanup has not begun, PRPs can be ordered to complete the cleanup of the site. PRPs are present or past owners of hazardous louis vuitton waste disposal facilities, generators ofhazardous waste who arrange for treaent or disposal at any facility, andransporters louis vuitton of hazardous waste to any disposal facility. Liability for PRPs is strict, meaning that liability can be imposed regardless of fault or negligence. Liability is joint and several, meaning that one party can be held responsible for the actions of others when the harm is indivisible.louis vuitton Finally, the liability is retroactive, meaning that parties can be held liable for actions that predate CERCLA. The EPA does not have to prove that a particular PRP’s waste caused the contamination. EPA only has to prove that there are hazardous substances present at the site that are similar to those associated with a party’s hazardous waste treaent and disposal activities.EnforcementEPA can force PRPs to conduct and fund cleanup of

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in that chapter, connecting classrooms to one another for collaboration and learning is pretty easy when you yourself are connected to a network of global teachers just waiting to join their classrooms with yours. These types of connections can facilitate diversity and can be an effective way of beginning to teach your louis vuitton outlet own students the literacies of interaction online. Chapters 4 and 5 focus on transforming into a networked school. louis vuitton outlet Chapter 4 shows you how to build a coherent change process for the teachers in your school or district. We’ll talk about how to fashion louis vuitton outlet a compelling case for change, how to pick a team to lead the change, and finally, how to roll out an extended plan to bring about louis vuitton outlet these changes. In chapter 5, we provide ideas about how to bring that change to the students by finding the money, creating louis vuitton outlet the support structures, louis vuitton outlet defining the right policies, and overcoming the most stringent objections to integrate networked learning in all aspects of your school environment. Our book is both theoretical and practical. It paints an inspiring picture for modern teaching and learning using world-changing technologies, but then it walks you through concrete actions to achieve that vision. It succinctly summarizes the global forces that make change an imperative for schools, and then it details the steps that can be followed by educators to change themselves, their classrooms, their schools,

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